How I am learning to take my own advice…

Life can be a little chaotic, and often I find myself telling people to take a time out for themselves.  When they do they always come back happier, and ready to tackle whatever their days throw at them.  (TRUTH BOMB: It’s actually the #1 Reason why I started the Vine Life Wine Club, but that is another topic for another day!) To be honest, I am not exactly great at taking my own advice in this department, but I am getting better.

As a Work-At –Home Momtrepreneur with two little kids, I rarely am without my children. Childcare has not been an option, and so my career choices have always been strategic in order to allow us to have the most time possible at home.

For those that follow me on Social Media, it comes as no surprise that Oranj Fitness has become a very important part of my life, but it hasn’t always been this way.  As a Wine Educator/Mom most of my work revolves around decadent food, tasting experiments, and a never ending supply of ‘easy’ snacks to keep my little monsters occupied with while I work.  It’s fast paced, and never boring.  There is always something that you feel you need to take care of .

I spend most of my days at home either in the kitchen or behind a computer screen.  It’s a combination that needs balancing out… or I find myself starting to go crazy.

Growing up Sport was always a very important part of my life.  But enter into the picture two babies, and a career change or two, and I found myself putting sport, fitness, and my health on the back burner.  Add in a lack of sleep from having two littles, a pile of stress from starting a business, and it is a recipe that does not create a very healthy picture.  Sure we have a well equipped home gym in our basement – But despite my best efforts to get moving and get active, it always seemed like I never had enough time, or one of the kids would be crying or keep trying to sneak dangerously close to the gym equipment.

I allowed that to be my excuse to say that working out, was not in the cards.  Being in the depths of starting a new business also meant that throwing money at a gym membership PLUS Childcare was a lower priority.

“Before” – Me Jan 2017

However, I found myself feeling more stressed and depressed as I let my health begin to slowly slide.  I needed an outlet for myself, a chance to get out of the house, talk to adults, and I needed to take back control of my fitness.  I missed sport, I missed having competitive goals, and I also knew that I needed to be held accountable to a training schedule in order to make the changes that I wanted to make.

Now I get it, so many people say “I just don’t have time to go to the gym.”  Let’s face it… time to yourself is extremely hard to come by!  What usually happens when I take time to myself?  Guilt creeps in.  Why?  Because I am a caregiver… Right or wrong, I feel it is my job to take care of other people, so when I am no longer focused completely on others, I feel like I must not be doing a good job.

Soon though I realized that my kids needed to get out more too.  Life behind a desk at home means a house of distractions for them.  But Daycare was not in the cards.  I didn’t feel that it was fair for me to plunk my kids in front of a screen every time I needed to distract them.  They needed to spend time playing with other kids…

So what to do?  Kill two birds with one stone…

I Became a Guest at Oranj Fitness

Why?  Because their Childcare Program is INCREDIBLE and FREE with Unlimited Memberships!

I love hearing my little ones tell me about all of their new friends that they met in the Boogie Room.  Meanwhile I am making new friends and connecting in all of the Instructor Led Group Fitness Classes.

I no longer miss my workouts because my kids are bickering.  They are pleasantly occupied making new little friends and colouring!  I am held accountable to a trainer in class, and a weekly workout schedule that has become a regular part of my routine. Now, unless my kids are sick – I don’t miss a workout.  Because they get a play date, and I get time to breathe to myself (though it is usually hard breathing…)

I love it!  My hour long class is often the highlight of my day, because it gives me a chance to be without my kiddos, and focus on nothing else.  A chance to let everything else go.I get a break from the crying, the never ending snack serving, and come out of the studio a happier and more upbeat person.

And now, I can’t imagine ever going back to my old ‘lack of’ workout routine.

My experience with Oranj has evolved from simply being a student attending class, to collaborating with them on special events like the Kelowna Wine Country 1/2 Marathon, Run, Yoga & Wine, Halloween Pound & Wine, and more to come in the new year!  This team knows how to have a good time, and that is exactly what I want for our Wine Club Members!

It has been a great journey the last 7 months, and I can’t wait to see where 2018 takes me as I continue on it!

Feel Like checking out Oranj Fitness? Vine Life Wine Club Members get a FREE 5 Punch Pass to Oranj.  Already a Member at Oranj?  You can transfer your new free pass to a friend!

Now Until November 29th

Vine Life Wine Club Memberships

Buy 1 Gift 1 Free!



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