How I am learning to take my own advice…

Life can be a little chaotic, and often I find myself telling people to take a time out for themselves.  When they do they always come back happier, and ready to tackle whatever their days throw at them.  (TRUTH BOMB: It’s actually the #1 Reason why I started the Vine Life Wine Club, but that is another topic for another day!) To be honest, I am not exactly great at taking my own advice in this department, but I am getting better.

As a Work-At –Home Momtrepreneur with two little kids, I rarely am without my children. Childcare has not been an option, and so my career choices have always been strategic in order to allow us to have the most time possible at home.

For those that follow me on Social Media, it comes as no surprise that Oranj Fitness has become a very important part of my life, but it hasn’t always been this way.  As a Wine Educator/Mom most of my work revolves around decadent food, tasting experiments, and a never ending supply of ‘easy’ snacks to keep my little monsters occupied with while I work.  It’s fast paced, and never boring.  There is always something that you feel you need to take care of .

I spend most of my days at home either in the kitchen or behind a computer screen.  It’s a combination that needs balancing out… or I find myself starting to go crazy.

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