Vine Life Wine Club


When it comes to fun… our Vine Life Wine Club Members know how to seize life!  That is why we have created a Club that allows everyone to get together, connect, laugh and learn about wine. 

Every 4-6 Weeks we gather for Special Events, tasting dinners, or workshops, where we catch up, make new friends, all while relaxing and learning how to Sip, Savour and elevate our personal “Wine Game”.

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We all believe in living life to the fullest… working hard, and then playing hard.  Then doing it all over again.  That is why we have partnered with AMAZING businesses, that cater to not only the Food & Wine Lover, but the hard worker who needs to take time and give back to themselves a little more.

It’s about balance, and it’s about FUN!

And in between events…

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AWESOME!  How do I join?

Register via Paypal below!  Once we have received your membership payment we will issue you your exclusing Vine Life Membership Card – your key to savings!  Expect to see your card delivered in approx 3 weeks. 

In the meantime you will receive a welcome email within the next 24hrs, and newsletters informing you of upcoming events, recipes, wine tips and tricks, and how to join in on more Wine Club fun!


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