Ghoulishly Good Wines for your Halloween Goodies

Muahhhahahahaa…  we hope that your celebrations are Spooktacular this week!  If not, we at least hope that you you are finding a small way to enjoy Hallo-Wine, I mean Halloween!

There is nothing quite like being stuck at home, answering the doorbell repeatedly every 45 seconds to make a person want to pour themselves a glass.

And in my best effort to save you from some nasty flavour interactions as you steal your kids chocolates and skittles, I have come up with a great little list of wines for practical Halloween Pairing.

As much as the Sommelier in me wants to recommend that you sip Tawny Port while eating your 5 year olds Crispy Crunch bars… or pour yourself a nice glass of Sauternes to appropriately go with your daugher’s leftover orange Sour Patch Kids (because she doesn’t like those ones)… my picks today lean to the practical, and budget friendly wine choices.

Because when it comes to Halloween, frankly every parent deserves a glass… or maybe desrves to try a few different ones after the kids go to bed cranky but on a sugar high 2 hrs past bedtime.  As you can see… I speak from experience…


The most important thing to remember when choosing which wine to crack into, is to make sure your choice is heavy on fruit flavour, and has a little sweetness to it… or risk walking around like you just lost badly at a game of Beanboozled.

If you are a Fuzzy Peaches, Citrus Starburst, Sour Patch Kids, and Skittles Stealer…

Diabolica 2015 White – Okanagan Valley, BC


Not your ordinary ‘white blend’ – This wine really does throw together a little of this and a little of that.  Sourcing grapes from all over the Okanagan – as far south as Osoyoos and Oliver, as well as in Kelowna, this wine is a is a mixes Pinot Blanc 27%, Riesling 19%, Semillon 12%, Chardonnay 12% Viognier 12%, Sauvignon Blanc 6%, Gewurztraminer 5%, Pinot Gris 4%. Needless to say this is more of a Halloween Terror, vs. Halloween Terroir wine… (tteeeheee see what I did there?!) 

Deliciousy gulpable, with crisp acidity and flavours of green apple, musky peaches and tropical fruits on the nose and palate.  It is an ideal wine option to pair with candies that have a mild ‘sour’ coating to them, or are generally lightly tart.  Think fuzzy peaches, citrus starburst, sour patch kids, and skittles.

You prefer to drink your wine with a Twizzler for a Straw…

Vintage Ink 2014 Wild White – Okanagan Valley, BC


A blend of two of the world’s most aromatic grapes – Riesling and Viognier, this wine offers up juicy acidity with flavours of Lemongrass, Lychee, Jasmine, and Pear.  This off dry wine is lower in acid, and is best with fruity candies that do not have a ‘citric acid’ adjustment to them.  Think sweedish berries, red liquorice… or a Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza from Papa John’s before Trick or Treating.

You hope all of the kids are allergic to peanuts… so you can keep all the Reeces for yourself…

Layer Cake 2013 Shiraz – South Australia


A bold and very fruit forward  Shiraz with notes of blueberry, blackberry, mocha, pie crust and a hint of baking spices. The intensity of fruit, and a little residual sweetness make this wine an excellent accompaniment to 70% Dark Chocolate, or even better… chocolate with peanut butter.  So go ahead, and steal all of the Oh Henry and Crispy Crunch Bars… it is a public service.

You need a break with a Kit Kat… or like your Coffee… Crisp

Boneshaker 2014 Zinfandel – Lodi California


100% Zinfandel, this wine is a big and dark monster full of blackberry and chocolate flavours. Medium fin smooth tannins are very friendly for our Chocolate lovers.  After much researd we have found this option to be excellent with Mars Bars, Aero, Kit Kat, and Coffee Crisp! Or should you prefer a more adult dessert – blue cheese and dried fruit!


            –    Kathryn

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