Everyday Celebrating can be AMAZING – with Prosecco

This past week we had the pleasure of being a part of The Amazing Airdrie Women Awards.  Every year this event showcases the incredibly talented, dedicated, strong, and generous women who inspire us all to be better people.  Together we got to pretend to be “Ladies Who Lunch” for an afternoon, and appreciate all of the good that is in this incredible group of people. 142 Amazing people… and I got to cheers to them all.

Incredible people need to be celebrated, and because of that Vine Life Wine Club was thrilled to toast the attendees with a glass of some of our favorite Prosecco.

Poured in the glass we featured Vaporetto No 8 – a Brut Prosecco D.O.C wine made in partnership with the Bisol family. This wine is always a crowd pleaser, with lively acidity, and flavors of crisp green apples, pear, honeysuckle, light floral and a light mineral backbone.  It was a perfect aperitif to celebrate the special attendees of the afternoon.

Vaporetto, like all DOC Prosecco is made from the Glera Grape.  This is an aromatic grape, and the wine is carbonated via a secondary tank method fermentation to preserve fruit and freshness. This wine is soft, quaff-able aperitif and maintains it’s fruit character as a refreshing choice when compared to toastier, albeit more complex traditional method sparkling wines. Unlike some other sparkling wines, this one is best not served in a flute, but instead in a tulip style white wine glass. This allows the aromatics of the wine to better be released and detected by the nose.

Vaporetto takes it’s name from the steam waterbusses that service locales within Venice and travel between Venice and nearby islands. This form of travel is often synonymous with the mental image one thinks of when they dream of a vacation to the area. The producers of Vaporetto have been growing Glera on some of the cool climate sites of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene appellation for 21 Generations. Needless to say, they have perfected the art!

Do not save this wine for a ‘special occassion’ – because the everyday is worth celebrating.  Celebrate the everyday achievements, that when looked back on, ammount to what can clearly be seen as great courage, strength, resolve, heart and determination.  The stories of the ‘everyday’ that the women featured in the room at the Amazing Airdrie Women Awards face, are nothing short of inspiring.  With not a dry eye to be seen in the house,  it was my pleasure to get to share that art of everyday celebration with the beautiful attendees and award recipients.

To all of the amazing women of Airdrie – Thank you for all you do!

To find this wine locally you can search http://www.liquorconnect.com within Alberta


– Kathryn


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