How to chill your wine fast…

We have all been there!  A long week at work, and you drive home dreaming about a nice glass of white wine, or better yet sparkling wine to end the day.  Only one small problem… you don’t have a cool bottle in the fridge, or you stopped off and picked up a bottle on your drive home.  Your bottle is warm… and you are thirsty!

Yes, you can put the bottle in the fridge and wait an hour for it to cool.  But you don’t have time for that, or just don’t want to wait.

Not to fret!  Here are my two favorite ways to chill down your bottle in under 25min Continue reading “How to chill your wine fast…”

Wining and Dining in Business – A Cautionary Tale

Let’s face it, wining and dining are an integral part of business these days.  The act of taking a potential client out to dinner, or furthering your career over lunch with the CEO can be one of the most stressful, and rewarding experiences you will face as a professional. And frankly, I think it is easier than golf!

I was doing some reflecting the other day as to what experiences in my life really sparked me and pushed me to dive into wine.  Eventually,  I discovered a new calling and decided to make wine my career.  When it comes right down to it, I never would have taken this path if it were not for my background in Business Development and Sales.

Out of University I spent the first 12 Years of my career in Finance, Fine Art and then Real Estate and Construction.  I was a professional Business Development Strategist and Salesperson in each of the roles I held.  Being in that world involved glorious dinners, with very well to-do individuals, that I desperately wanted to do business with. Each and every business meeting, networking event, or dinner always involved some aspect of food and wine.  Not only that, but after doing homework on my clients, I quickly learned that MANY of them looked at wine as a hobby.  They cared about it, and they knew their stuff.  Whether they collected it, took vacations to wine regions, or simply got a thrill of showing off their wealth by ordering something rare and expensive on the menu, it was often a major point of conversation.  When I started out, I knew very little about wine.  Looking back, I laughably realize I knew nothing.  But I thought I did.

Wine is a great topic of conversation in business.  Bonding over a well chosen bottle can be a catalyst to great success – If you know what you are talking about.   Continue reading “Wining and Dining in Business – A Cautionary Tale”

Ageing with grace… How to I.D. and pick out an age worthy bottle of wine

In my last post I talked about what happens to wine as it ages, and some may read it and think that I do not favour aged wine.  NOT TRUE!  There are amazing age worthy bottles out there, that will offer up a sip of heaven if you are patient.  You just have to find them!

So you are out shopping and want to find a bottle that you can keep away for a special occasion 5+ years down the road.  What do you look for?

First of all, you have to enjoy savory characteristics in your wine.  For more info on why, and what happens to flavors in wine as it ages, see my post Some things are better with age… SOME

In order for a wine to age and develop well, it has to have specific structural components that ensure it A) Does not turn to Vinegar or B) Generally start to taste Gawd Awful.  Think of it like a well built building.  If it is made up of poor quality materials, that were not assembled correctly… it won’t last.

These structural components are as follows: Continue reading “Ageing with grace… How to I.D. and pick out an age worthy bottle of wine”

Rocky Mountain Food and Wine Festival 2016 – Top Picks


Friday Afternoon I had the pleasure of attending the Industry Only Sneak Peek for the Rocky Mountain Food and Wine Festival hosted by Sobey’s/Safeway Liquor and Liquor Connect.  The event every year is in my opinion, the best Wine and Food Festival offered at Stampede Park, and this year was no exception.

Compared to some of the other festivals, the quality of food and wine sampling here goes above and beyond.  Tickets get you entry into the event, and then sample tickets can be purchased separately.  Want to try a glass of Taylor Fladgate’s 1863 Single Harvest Port?  This once is a lifetime chance will set you back a mere $70 worth of tasting tickets- compared to a $4000.00 bottle.  The majority of the wines and food samples offered will set you back 3-10 tasting tickets, so not to fear if you don’t feel like purchasing hundreds! Continue reading “Rocky Mountain Food and Wine Festival 2016 – Top Picks”

Perfect Pairings – Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner

With Turkey Day around the corner the question often comes up “What Wine should I serve for Thanksgiving?” The key is to pick a wine that is not overpowering and food friendly – so save your Cabernet Sauvignon for a good steak dinner instead.

Here are my recommendations with Turkey Dinner: Continue reading “Perfect Pairings – Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner”