Marcel Lapierre 2015 Morgon

When it comes to juicy red wines, it is hard to beat a great Gamay Noir during the heat of the summer.

Cru Beaujolais, Beer Can Chicken (actually wine can – because that is how we roll around here…) and the patio are good friends.  This offering is a personal favourite from Marcel Lapierre – seductive cherry, cranberry, raspberry, violets and bramble.

True to Baujolais form this wine offers up plenty of carbonic masceration flavours of candied banana and bubble gum.

Unlike your basic Beaujolais however – this Cru Morgon offers up some solid tertiary notes sure to please the discerning palate.  A solid hit of barnyard, mushroom and spent hay on the nose linger past the fruit in this wine’s long finish. 

 Juicy and substantial, as Morgon should be, from this biodynamic producer. 
Best served lightly chilled and enjoyed with fantastic company!


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