Vietti 2014 Perbacco Nebbiolo

Vietti’s Perbacco Nebbiolo is always a crowd pleaser. If it were possible to describe a bottle of Barolo as “feminine” this would be the bottle you would use.   Because of that it has always been a favourite go to wine for us to use to showcase the depth of Barolo to new wine enthusiasts, or to celebrate the beautiful flavours of Piemonte with a little instant gratification, and only an hour or two of decanting!

Perbacco is made from blending wines of 11 of Vietti’s 15 Cru Single Vineyard Barolo Sites.  In the winemaking process owner/winemaker Luca Currado carefully crafts his Perbacco after first blending the estates Castiglione Barolo.  Like a conductor,  he uses not too much, and not too little of each of his “instrumental wines”, carefully marrying them together to produce the profile of flavour he is hoping for.  After the Catiglione blend is solidified, Perbacco blending begins using the same remaining wines – each from the 11 individually vinivied Barriques.

The wine is then aged for 2 years, and like a true Barolo, it offers tremendous life and longevity.

This is a medium body wine, and true to Nebbiolo the tannins are there, but they are extremely refined – which Luca believes is due to the fact that all of the wine used in this blend is from 11 of his Cru Barolo sites. On the medium plus nose one finds notes of cherry cola, rose hips, rubber, earth, and mushroom carefully wafting out of the glass.  These flavours all then concentrate and intensify on the palate, and cuddle along on the medium plus finish.

This has long been my favourite ‘drink now ‘ Nebbiolo that only needs an hour or so decanted to be supple.  When asked why Luca did not want to elevate his Perbacco to Barolo labelling his response was humble.  A real class act winemaker… See for yourself:

*feature photo credit​

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