How to chill your wine fast…

We have all been there!  A long week at work, and you drive home dreaming about a nice glass of white wine, or better yet sparkling wine to end the day.  Only one small problem… you don’t have a cool bottle in the fridge, or you stopped off and picked up a bottle on your drive home.  Your bottle is warm… and you are thirsty!

Yes, you can put the bottle in the fridge and wait an hour for it to cool.  But you don’t have time for that, or just don’t want to wait.

Not to fret!  Here are my two favorite ways to chill down your bottle in under 25min


Problem solved!

You will notice a common element in both of these chilling methods – WATER!  Water acts as a better thermal conductor than cold air alone, dissipating the heat from your bottle faster.  You can also try adding salt to the ice bucket to lower the freezing point of the water, causing your bottle to chill faster.

Either way, you will have a cool bottle in no time.

Tip:  For fine and aromatic wines, don’t chill them too much.  Your ideal serving temperature for most whites is between 6-10 Decrees Celsius – so as not to tighten up the aromas of your wine too much.  Too cool, and you won’t be able to smell them.



– Kathryn


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