How to properly store your treasures… Even without a cellar

Picked up a special bottle, or found yourself unable to consume your treasure for an extended period of time?  Don’t have a beautiful custom cellar in your home?  Not to fret! Thinking a wine rack in the kitchen would be perfect?  You may want to save your money.  Check out the below video!

Armed with a little knowledge, and a quick scavenger hunt through your house, I am sure you will be able to find a great spot to tuck away your bottles!
You will notice in the video that I did not mention anything about light contact.  The reality is that most glass bottles are effective and keeping out any unwanted UV light that may prematurely spoil your wine – especially green glass.  The reality is that the expert jurey is still out in terms of how much light contact affects wines in long term storage.  Realistically, I doubt you have a room in your home that you need to wear sunscreen in.  Your walls and windows will keep you, and your wine safe from UV light.  One thing to remember however, is that light can be absorbed by dark objects, transfering the energy into heat.  If your wine is basking in the light of a sunny bay window, and your cat has curled up next to it… You might want to move it.  It is likely getting toasty during the day, and dropping in temperature at night.

So, in summary, if you have a cool, consistent temperature, dark area of your home… you just discovered some extra insurance for your wine!  If not, enjoy it sooner 😉


– Kathryn


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